How we work

360 service – from sketch to final product.

The design of the first prototype based on the submitted sketches and / or photographs begins with the creation of the model in paper / cardboard, followed by the creation of the first sample in the appropriate material with personalization details.

We offer a large selection of verified materials from natural leather, artificial leather, fabrics and metal details in various price ranges and designs supported by our long-standing suppliers.

All this follows the process of elaboration of personalization details – from design proposals, product positioning all the way to production and refers to metal plates with logo, textile ribbons with woven name, hot press logo positioning techniques, uv-print, screen printing and laser engraving, declarations production and packaging in the form of protective bags or boxes.

The development of the model ends with making the product with all the technical details important for further production and distribution of product within the agreed deadlines and cost limits.


Together we shape your ideas according to sketches in the form of prototypes and making the first sample with all the details of the product, taking into account the core values of the brand, quality, material costs and deadlines.


We harmonize design, production techniques and materials with current trends and novelties of the fashion industry. In this phase, the ways of personalization, metal details of the product, declaration, types of packaging, etc. are selected.


The production process ends with product development, quality control and constant monitoring of customer needs. In this way we ensure a continuous chain from production to timely delivery.